Fundraising Campaign

2021 Curriculum Development Campaign

Chinese underground educators work long hours for little money. Your donation will help compensate their teams of curriculum writers and translators so that they can support their families.

Will you prayerfully partner with underground educators to support all or part of a following level?

Campaign Goal – $128,000

Compensation for an entire course of study *
(write, translate, contextualize, and edit):
Ranges from $8,400 – $20,200

Compensation for one full teacher training video course
(translate and subtitle):
Ranges from $3,200 – $6,600

Compensation for one teacher training video lesson
(translate and subtitle):
Ranges from $320 – $660

Sponsor a curriculum writer for one week’s work:


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Funds raised will be used to pay teachers and translators to develop and translate six Biblically grounded, indigenous courses of study. It will also provide 2 full courses of training videos for the teachers.