Our Mission

While many Christian materials have been translated, there is virtually no Christian education curriculum in the languages of East Asia.

Our Mission

CEFF exists by the grace of God, to serve persecuted Asian Christian families by developing that curriculum and training, to assist them in fulfilling their God-given responsibilities to “Train up a child in the way he should go” (Prov 22:6).

CEFF includes dozens of Eastern educators, Western educators, and publishers working together to accomplish this mission. We are forging a new way forward that is indigenous, excellent, and accessible for schools, home-schools and school co-ops. We share a vision to use the best of existing English language resources as a starting point to develop an entirely new, fully indigenous Christian curriculum for K-12.

Together, we have developed the foundation of a contextualized Christian curriculum, including a well-developed philosophy, and curriculum guides, and teacher training courses. We have developed standards and curriculum development guidelines for the new curriculum. And we are raising funds to pay native educators and translators to develop the individual courses under our guidance, according to our standards and with our assistance.

Your donation will be used to:

  • help compensate native educators to develop the individual courses under our guidance, according to our standards and with our assistance.
  • help compensate native translators to translate existing curriculum and training videos.


The impact is incalculable

CEFF’s hope is that Christian students in East Asia will learn how to think independently, critically, and with a Christian worldview, and have the ability to articulate their knowledge and ideas to others. Families will be strengthened. Churches will be fortified. Leaders will be trained, raised up, and used by God to impact their region for the glory of Christ.

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Homeschooling provides a Christ-centered education in East Asia

For the first time, Christian parents in East Asia who wish to give their children a Christ-centered education will have access to readily available curriculum, quality training, and encouraging support through CEFF.