• Advancing His Kingdom in East Asia
    through Christian Education

  • Facilitating translation and
    contextualization of curriculum for Asia

  • Help lay the foundation for a solid
    Christian education system in Asia.


2020 Curriculum Development Campaign

Chinese underground educators work long hours for little money.
Your donation will help compensate their teams of curriculum writers and translators
so that they can support their families.

Will you prayerfully partner with underground educators to support all or part of a following level?

Campaign Goal – $128,000

Compensation for an entire course of study *
(write, translate, contextualize, and edit):
Ranges from $8,400 – $20,200

Compensation for one full teacher training video course
(translate and subtitle):
Ranges from $3,200 – $6,600

Compensation for one teacher training video lesson
(translate and subtitle):
Ranges from $320 – $660

Sponsor a curriculum writer for one week’s work:

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The Persecuted Children of the Underground Church in China

There have been numerous reports in the news about a persecuted church whose members have been taken from their homes in the middle of the night and have been detained and beaten. Young adults have been taken to ‘re-education centers’ (where, by the way, they are worshipping God and singing His praises out loud)…

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CEFF Video

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More and more Christian parents in East Asia have realized the importance of giving their children a Christian education. These pioneers have bravely set out on this new path though they face persecution…

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christian-school-in-chinaThe Chinese Christian school movement doesn’t officially exist, and parents make great sacrifices to join it—but it’s growing quickly.

CHINA—In a residential area on the outskirts of a large city, children in navy blazers and khaki skirts push open a bright yellow wrought iron gate. Inside sits a Christian school with classrooms displaying alphabet letters, caterpillar crafts, bean bag chairs, and Bible verses. Some kindergarten and elementary-age students squeal while grabbing their pint-sized red-and-white choir robes from student lockers for Monday morning chapel. Read the article…

WORLD Magazine: Off the Grid,

Chinese Students Clapping

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