Persecuted Children

The Persecuted Children of the Underground Church in China

There have been numerous reports in the news about a persecuted church whose members have been taken from their homes in the middle of the night and have been detained and beaten. Young adults have been taken to ‘re-education centers’ (where, by the way, they are worshipping God and singing His praises out loud).

As we share these reports on Facebook and pray and marvel at how God gives strength to his beloved who stand bravely in the face of oppression, we need to also remember these saints’ most precious possessions – their children.

I’ve seen recent pictures of these brothers and sisters meeting in homes, praying and singing to God, knowing full well that the authorities can come at any time and arrest them. It’s beautiful. And in these pictures, I notice the kids off to the side playing at the table with small toys and sitting on the floor, and I think, ‘These little ones are the future of the underground church in China.’ I pray that their faith will be built up because of this persecution, that they will not fear the enemy, and that the Lord with give them spiritual maturity beyond their years through this trial.

I think about those saints departing from the Bible studies, bundling up their little ones in coats and hats and holding their little hands as they head home, not knowing if they will be met by police on the way. I think about them tucking their babies in at night, praying over them, asking God to love them and keep them and draw them close to Himself.

It’s amazing what kids take in when they are small, what becomes woven into the fabric of who they are. This persecution will always be part of them now. What will they do with it? Will they be strengthened and empowered to carry on as their parents have? Will they be resentful for what loving God has cost their parents? Do you think this might be on their parents’ minds in the midst of this turmoil? It would be on mine.

This particular persecuted church has its own Christian school. It’s a good school with dedicated leaders. I know this to be true. Their school has been mentioned in the news, but with all that’s going on, information about the school and the kids gets lost. But, even now (especially now), concern for the kids and their Christian education isn’t lost on their parents and teachers.

So I also think about their school that’s been shut down, and I don’t need to wonder if the saints there are teaching and comforting and praying with the children in other places. From my experience, that’s a given.

CEFF is all about helping Christian parents and teachers to provide their children with a Christ-centered education that will solidly ground them in a country that hates our Lord and Savior and hates them, too. An education that all day, every day points them to Truth. An education where parents and teachers are given the opportunity to mold children’s hearts in tenderness to God and obedience to Him in the face of persecution. An education that keeps their kids from spending countless school days being inundated with communistic, atheistic propaganda.

As reports continue to reach us about this church and other persecuted churches in China, remember to pray for the kids, for their hearts, and for their minds. Pray for underground Christian education in China. It is extremely important to the church’s future.

Developing a solid Christian education system in communist China isn’t done cheaply or easily. It isn’t done without great sacrifice. Chinese Christian parents and teachers know this, and they live this out. The question for us is, do we?

Maybe you’ve asked God how you can help this church and others like it. This is your opportunity. You can help them for generations to come right now by supporting them in developing solid Christian schools and homeschools.

CEFF is embarking on an ambitious plan with a number of underground school leaders that will require a great deal of funding. You can see an outline of this plan on our website. The schools need your support. Please go to our donate page to help bless the persecuted church in China while the opportunity is here.

I’ll end this letter with a Dec 10th account from a Christian school mom from the church you’ve been reading about in the news. Please pray for her, for her husband, and for their children.

‘Just a minute ago at 4:10 a.m., two women with the Ministry of Education came to our home and woke me up. They asked about our children’s situation. They registered our children’s names and ages and then explained to me the compulsory education law. They said we must send our two oldest children to the elementary school near the University of Electronic Science and Technology. They said the country is enforcing the compulsory education law. I said, “You’ve told us, thank you. We will not go. If you want to arrest their parents, then arrest us.”

In Him,
Board President